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How to Save Money at BLUEBAY Hotels & Resorts Worldwide

Today we are going to show you how to get the best discount at BlueBay Hotels & Resorts. If you are you searching for BlueBay promotional codes, then you've come to the right place. is an approved discount partner and we frequently post discount codes for BlueBay on this web page.

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Latest BLUEBAY Hotel Promo Codes

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  • When you shop online, simply use a valid discount code to get a discount on global accommodation bookings from BLUEBAY.

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Group Discounts For Multiple Rooms & Long Stay Holidays

If you want to book multiple rooms or of you need to book an extended stay trip for a long vacation or business event, the good news is we have got that covered. We have useful tips on how to get group rates, book multiple rooms and pick up a group discount booking at BlueBay Hotels.



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Monthly Promo Deals

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Accommodation Category Listing

The establishments are grouped and listed into 4 main categories:

  1. BlueDiamond.
  2. BlueBay.
  3. BelleVue.
  4. BlueCity.

1) Blue Diamond

"Blue Diamond" is the symbol of distinction. Elegant luxury accommodation in exclusive destinations where the demand for customization is their greatest deference.

  • Blue Diamond Riviera Maya.

2) Blue Bay Hotels & Resorts

Synonymous with quality and service, this accommodation is designed to delight your guests. Nestled in idyllic landscapes that provide the feeling of luxury and relaxation. This redefines an "All Inclusive" type of vacation, incorporating modern and elegant designs and offering a wide and varied selection of international restaurants that will delight the most discerning palates. Detail, refinement, luxury, escapism, personalized service. In short, created for the enjoyment of all your senses:

  • Grand Esmeralda.
  • Banús.
  • Porta Nova.
  • Villas Doradas Adults Only.
  • Blue Bay Beach Club.
  • Paraíso de Albufeira.
  • Blue Bay Lanzarote.
  • BlueBay Los Angeles Locos.
  • Balaia Atlántico.
  • Punta Serena.

3) BelleVue

Considered the best value for money, these establishments are fully equipped to give their customers the best service and a sense of comfort. They are designed to meet the needs of all markets, families and couples as well as groups. All this combined with a team of professionals whose only concern is the welfare of the people, makes Bellevue a safe bet for your holiday vacation:

  • BelleVue Beach Paradise.
  • BelleVue Palma Real.
  • BelleVue Belsana.
  • BelleVue Dominican Bay.
  • BelleVue Lagomonte.
  • BelleVue Aquarius.
  • BelleVue Vistanova.
  • BelleVue Club.
  • Bellevue Puntarena Playa Caleta.

4) BlueCity

This is the newest addition to the Group. BlueCity accommodation is designed to respond to the needs of business travellers and those who want to discover the goodness in leisure, culture and cuisine offered by cities. Modern facilities with the latest technology that will make your stay easier and more comfortable. Comfort, design and service are the hallmarks of this new brand:

  • BlueCity Condes Lleida.
  • BlueCity Mérida Palace.
  • BlueCity Las Lomas Mérida.


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